The 100 Masterminds Project

A 1 Year Crisis Recovery Intensive with Expert Coaching and Peer Assistance

The Road to Recovery is Steep, But You Are Not Alone!
Your Future is Greater than Your Present!

Your Mastermind is Ready With…

A clear path forward

Inventory, analyze, reposition and relauch. Our system walks you through every step.

Real Business Experts

Each coach has at least 15 years of experience solving business crises.

Diverse but Successful Peers

Every peer owner contributes their super skills, with no competitors allowed.



We have a secret bonus for you..

But First… Thank you

Thank you for choosing the road less-traveled. The road of the creator, the builder, the architect and the dreamer. Thank you for choosing entrepreneurship.

Thank you for the sacrifices, the late nights and strained relationships. Thank you for the endless tasks, the sudden stress, the tears you cried, and the ones you couldn’t.

Thank you for the employees you’ve invested in, the communities you’ve supported, and the lives you’ve changed.

Thank you for having a vision bigger than yourself.

We honor you for what you created.

We honor you for what you have lost.

Covid-19 can go suck a hill full of fire ants!

You did not create this disaster. Nobody  deserves this. And yet, when the smoke finally clears and the sky stops falling, we are all going to be looking at you.

Your dream for a future for your family is also hope for your employees, your community, your country.

The 100 Mastermind Project was founded to empower survivors like you find your tribe and work together to overcome obstacles.

By supporting eachother, we can learn to navigate this world of new normals and new threats and new opportunities.

Enroll now and watch your business and your life change for the better.


Mastermind Sessions

Years of Business Experience

Introducing the Mastermind Principle…

Coined by business legend Napoleon Hill, the Mastermind Principle states that a powerful intelligence is created when a group of people work with common purpose.

The 100 Masterminds Project started with the goal of collecting all of the best practices around business masterminds.

The Crisis Recovery Intensive was created to combine the power of expert coaching with the structure of a traditional mastermind.

We aim to create a supercharged business recovery system to support business owners when they need it most.

“It Is Literally True That You Can Succeed Best and Quickest By Helping Others Succeed” – Napoleon Hill

The Crisis Recovery Intensive Starts In:








Brass Tacks and FAQS

Ask questions, be skeptical, but stay honest. What do you need to be sure you are making right decision?

Ask away, we are listening.

When you are ready to pull the trigger on the next chapter of your journey, click the button below to get started.

How does the Crisis Recovery Intensive work?

So glad you asked😉. The Crisis Recovery Intensive takes the structure of a mastermind alliance, and adds the following:

  • An experienced business coach will serve as expert guide to the group.
  • A dedicated facilitator will arrange all of the logistics, take notes, send reminders, track goals and progress for you.
  • AI assisted transcription for easy reference tracking.
  • A private channel plus a community channel for daily support.
  • The mastermind will follow a roadmap that combines coaching and homework assignments with a traditional “hotseat” format.
  • Monthly Coaching Credits to get you one-on-one support when you need it.
Who are your expert coaches?

Our first masterminds will be coached by the incomparable Henry Daas. Henry has been building and selling sustainable businesses since 1991, coaching since 2005 and you have never met someone more dedicated to his coachees.

Henry normally limits his practice to a small number of owners who invest over 20k a year for unlimited access.

When he offered to donate his time and wisdom to helping launch the CRI we suddenly had the building blocks for a powerful launch.

How do you select group members?

Each member (including you) has to go through a screening and interview process. These help us to understand and optimize the mastermind group for diversity and peer level. Criteria Include:

  • Owner Background
  • Size of Company
  • Pre-Crisis Revenue
  • Crisis Damage
  • Skill Specializations
  • And Much More…

The most important thing is this. We GUARANTEE you won’t be in a mastermind with a bunch of wannabees or six other people who run a SAAS company.

We find that (assuming businesses of comparable size) owners benefit the most from finding the opportunites and commonalites in divergent experiences.

What if it sucks? (the guarantee)

Your right. Everything else in 2020 has tried to take a left turn, why should this be any different?

Here’s the deal. Our team, our coaches and your other mastermind members are ready to put their lives and livelyhoods on the line for YOU.

But we don’t  just want you money. This model can’t succeed if you don’t succeed. So in addition, you have a full 90-day money back guarantee.

If you find that you and your business are not gaining the value you expected from the program, we will happily refund your money.

How much does it cost?

$2000 a month. No hidden fees, no  premium features you need to pay extra for. Everything we can dream up for CRI is included and yours to keep when it’s over.

The only thing that makes it better is the Secret Bonus waiting for you.

What's this Secret Bonus?

The Secret Bonus is an AMAZING ……secret.

But really, the reason we don’t tell you here is because we want you to join a mastermind for yourself.

The Secret Bonus (A NO BS $7200 value) is the epic thank you we have to make sure you feel proud of your investment.

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